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The Last of us
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Churna panda sweda is one among ushna sweda. It is done with   the boluses of various churnas. It can be done as whole body sweda or local sweda. Also it can be either dry or with oil. Best result is seen in kaphaadhika vatakaphaja rogas. It is used in acute phases of rheumatic fever (amavata),acute inflammation, neuro muscular disorders, myalgia, sciatica, polymyositis, demyelination(first phase), rheumatical conditions, arthritis due to various causes, cervical spondylosis, acute disc prolapse, stiffness, pain, fibromyalgia etc. kaphavata condition, amvata, amavastha of sandhigatavata, pakshaghata, kaphavruta vata rogas, all ama conditions, amajvara, kapha dominant conditions of joints etc. 


  • 24hrs Doctors Support
    24hrs doctors support, Lady patients will get direct caring through Lady doctors
  • Outpatient consultation
    Outpatient consultation will start from 8am to 8pm, Specialty doctors for each departments


I had been to many Ayurveda hospitals in and outside Kerala. Kandamkulathi is unique because of its hygiene, hospitality and wonderful treatment procedure.The team of doctors are very good and punctual.

-- Mrs. Thankam Philipose